Wheatgrass Benefits and Uses

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Wheatgrass Benefits as a Natural Health Supplement for Men, Women and Children.

Wheatgrass is known for its high nutritional content.

It has a huge range of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, active enzymes. It also contains a huge amount of chlorophyll.

Wheatgrass nutrients are easily absorbed in the body in less than a hour's time, making it a valuable asset to our health as a general Natural Health Supplement for Kids, Adults and Senior Citizens..

Nowadays, its therapeutic properties are used by many Medicinal Practitioners for various diseases like Cancer, Thalassemia, etcetra.

Wheatgrass is also used as Natural Beauty Aid.

Wheatgrass as a Natural Health Supplement

Nowadays, any amount of money spend on vegetables, fruits or any other food stuff fails to fulfill our body's daily nutritional requirement.

We have all heard of many adults or senior citizens complaining about how most food stuff, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, do not taste the same as before.

Also, processing and over cooking of food for enhancing its taste, removes the little amount of nutrients that it has left.

The main reason being that in today's world, most modern farming techniques only go as far as to promising a better yield. There are usually little or no provisions made for maintaining the crop's nutritional content.

Studies have shown that though the crop yields have increased over the years, their nutritional content has deteriorated exponentially.

Also, according to nutritional value of most food items , you'll have to consume kilos of fruits, vegetables and cereals to satisfy your body's nutritional needs.

Therefore, Wheatgrass in its raw form with its high concentration of nutrients has become a popular health supplement.

90 % of all diseases originate due to nutritional deficiency in our diet, so, being vigilant about our daily nutritional intake or the lack of it has become highly necessary.

A single doze of 30 ml pure, freshly extracted wheatgrass juice or 3 gms of Organic Wheatgrass powder is sufficient to meet our daily nutritional requirements.

Wheatgrass for Combating ill effects of Pollution

Pollution is increasing every day and has been invading our bodies through Air, Water and even Food. In such a situation, it's necessary for us to find a way to flush it out. Wheatgrass can be the much needed solution.

The Chlorophyll and various antioxidants present in wheatgrass help in cleaning out the the toxins and free radicals present in our body.

Wheatgrass Improves General Wellbeing

Wheatgrass takes little time to get absorbed in our body, bringing about many positive changes that are easily observable.

Our energy level improves and our susceptibility to many allergic reaction decreases.

Wheatgrass also helps in improving our digestion, enhances our mental capabilities and our sleep patterns, resulting in sounder sleep every night.

It also has no side effects unlike many popular supplements available in the market these days that are chemically formulated.

A Word of Caution

Lately, many new wheatgrass brands have sprung up in the market.

There is usually little to no information available about their firms or manufacturing base.

In such a situation, there's a possibility that their wheatgrass powder may or may not contain all nutrients mentioned above. And as Wheatgrass is consumed raw, they can be potentially dangerous and might end up causing various allergic and/or bacterial infections.

Wheatgrass Benefits for Children

Most children can get pretty fussy about eating anything remotely green and prefer eating processed foods like noodles, pizzas, etc. more.

In such cases, A shot of wheatgrass juice can help their growing bodies easily meet its daily nutritional requirements.

Wheatgrass contains Vitamin B2, a nutrient which is responsible for metabolizing carbs and fats for generating the much-needed energy that keeps our children active throughout the day.

Wheatgrass also contains Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) that helps in extracting protein from food and in the production of red blood cells needed for a child's growth.

The Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) present in wheatgrass keeps bones healthy. It also has Vitamin C that is responsible for boosting children's immune system, protecting them from various infections and allergies. It also makes their skin and hair glow.

Wheatgrass Benefits in Cancer

Over the years, we've met numerous people who've fought Cancer with their strong will, regular treatment and wheatgrass.

We came across a very determined person from Dehradun, Uttrakhand, who has been overcoming Blood Cancer for the last 10 years with help of Wheatgrass and regular treatment.

Many Cancer patients that have been using wheatgrass have mentioned that they managed to undergo their chemotherapy sessions successfully, unlike others who had to miss their sessions due to a low platelet count or for some other reason.

Wheatgrass Benefits in Thalassemia

Many studies have found that Wheatgrass can also be effective for Thalassemia Patients.

Recently Mr. Shubhra Mandal, assistant director, Department of Chemistry at NRIADD, a member of the research team doing research on wheatgrass' benefits especially for a Thalassemia patient that requires regular Blood Transfusion found that a component in wheatgrass helps in removing Iron deposits in the patients body.

Iron deposits affects the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs of a Thalassemia patient that requires Frequent Blood Transfusions.

In a clinical trial for a drug containing wheatgrass extract, it was found that wheatgrass lowered the number of blood transfusions required by many Thalassemia patients down to 1 - 2 transfusions in six months.

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